Hanneke made things

This is some of the stuff I have worked on a long time ago. Now I got this website going I should get going and put some newer stuff on!

Update, 4 and-a-half years later: lol. typical.


Overview Close up

Client: Personal project
What: Responsive painting
Role: Concept design, Technical realisation, Art direction (realisation by StarsDesign)

A painting which responds to its surroundings, this ever-changing landscape explores the basic principles of evolution.

This painting was my graduation project. You can find the accompanying thesis on the writings page.

Meldpunt Limburgers

Website screenshot Closed website screenshot

Client: Personal project
What: Satirical website
Role: Getting shouted at a lot

In 2012, the Partij voor Vrijheid (Freedom Party), a right-wing populist political party in the Netherlands launched a website were people could report nuisances caused by middle- and eastern Europeans. I found this highly objectionable and whipped up a quick site (by ripping of theirs) where one could report nuisances committed by people from Limburg (the province where Geert Wilders, the founder of the PVV, is from), which is of course just as ridiculous. It received a lot of attention and reached the national news, not in the least because a lot of people were of the opinion that you just couldn't single people out just because they were from Limburg (thanks for making my point). Because the reports posted by users were shown publicly on the website, and this being the internet, I had to shut it down rather quickly but I was glad I could get my point across.

Interactive floor

Mockup Screenshot Prototype

Client: Forbo Flooring
What: Concept design and prototype
Role: Concept design, Technical direction, Prototype programming, Research
Credits: Catch Interactive

Due to the large collection of available dessins, Forbo Flooring cannot all show them life-size. We developed an interactive floor which uses projection to show the dessins at about 4 by 3 metres in size.

Kite-flying game

Game screenshot Player close-up Player playing the game Mechanics close-up

Client: DOC Stap
What: Trade fair installation
Role: Concept design, Technical direction, Programming (ActionScript 3, C), Electronics
Credits: Catch Interactive

To attract visitors to the stand of DOC Stap, an educational institution, we developed a game using which one (almost) literally has to get higher up. By pulling the ropes the players had to manoeuvre their virtual kite trough a sky filled with obstacles such as birds, thunderclouds and UFOs in order to fly as high as they could.


Installation detail Installation overview

Client: EcoVision & Greenpoint Solutions
What: Trade fair installation
Role: Concept design, Technical direction, Programming (ActionScript 3)
Credits: Catch Interactive

EcoVision and Greenpoint Solutions asked for an eyecatcher to promote their Ecopers and Swill Tank. Using the life-size canvas print and interactive display which reacts to passers-by we caught the visitors’ attention to these solutions for underground waste storage.

Komt een vrouw bij de dokter

Movie screenshot Movie screenshot Behind the scenes picture Movie credits

Client: Rozenstraat Film
What: Remote controlled computer animations
Role: Project Management, Programming (ActionScript 3)
Credits: Catch Interactive

For the film 'Komt een vrouw bij de dokter' (Stricken) by Reinout Oerlemans we were asked to create several computer animations simulating computer interactions. Some were remotely triggered to show up on cue.


Website screenshot Website screenshot Website screenshot

Client: Dissident-wear
What: Branding website
Role: Concept design, Technical direction, Programming (ActionScript 3, PHP), CMS implementation
Credits: Catch Interactive
Awards: Dope Award, nominated for Pixel Awards

Dissident-wear is an ode to people with remarkable achievements. By creating striking prints, the label focuses in on the various forms of pain and suffering still inflicted to both our planet and its habitants in modern day life. For their internet presence, we developed a bold websites which is an interactive showcase of all the collections that Dissident-wear offers, representing their style and attitude.

City Media Rotterdam

Website screenshot Website screenshot Website screenshot

Client: Inqubative
What: Branding website
Role: Technical direction, Programming (ActionScript 3)
Credits: Catch Interactive

City Media Rotterdam wants to become the virtual reflection of Rotterdam by placing video displays in the city. To attract and inform investors created a glossy branding website. The design and animations are based on the City Media Rotterdam logo.

Mokum Mariteam

Website screenshot Website screenshot Website screenshot

Client: Mokum Mariteam
What: Branding and informational website
Role: Technical direction, Implementation in our CMS, Programming (PHP, ActionScript 3.0)
Credits: Catch Interactive

We've created this website for Mokum Mariteam. It promotes their new project to transport cargo through the Amsterdam canals in a eco friendly way. We've both designed and built the website. Next to that we also did the complete corporate identity.