Understanding computers

February 2020
Originally published on infi.nl (Dutch)

Recently, I have been trying to understand how computers work at a lower level. At some point it's just sand that we tricked into thinking, but this seems all very magical to me and I wanted to demystify that.

My first step on this way was trying to learn assembly language, and how that's interpreted by the machine itself (the actual bytecode). I picked the MOS 6502 processor as my starting point, because it's a classic, it's well documented and it has a relatively simple instruction set.

Since the best way to learn is to understand things well enough to teach them, I turned this into a series of blog posts. In these blog posts I will explain everything you need to know to create a small game on a fantasy console based on the legendary 6502.

While I do intent to some day translate all my content here to English, it's not really something I tend to do, so these blogs are all in Dutch.

  1. Introductie
  2. Eerste stapjes
  3. Dieper water
  4. Pong
  5. Pong afmaken